A crowded Chinese street at night in Shanghai, China.

Implementing a tailored Chinese marketing strategy is key to attracting Chinese-speaking consumers to your business. Chinese lead the world in spending on luxury goods and services, cars, real estate, fashion, and artwork. In 2021, China's personal luxury market grew by 36%, a whopping $20 billion year-over-year growth. As this trend continues, it’s vital that brands effectively engage this affluent market on the right platforms.


The WeChat app on a phone.

WeChat Marketing

Promote your brand on China's #1 app by actively engaging clients, converting them to customers.

The Little Red Book app, known as 小红书 in Chinese.

Little Red Book Marketing

Build trust among your fan base through this powerful word-of-mouth marketing platform.

A team is planning a website Chinese to English translation project.

Website Localization

Localize your website, don't just translate it, by adapting your content for a Chinese audience.

A man is publishing content online.

Chinese Content Marketing

Create original content for a Chinese audience instead of Google Translated mumbo jumbo.

A graphic designer is selecting a color scheme.


Reach Chinese-speaking clients with custom design that stands out and strikes a cord.

The digital advertising backend view of Google Ads.

Digital Advertising

Grow your business through quality leads based on a data-driven ad strategy.

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We're a digital marketing agency that helps companies reach local Chinese cliental in their own market. We're driven by a passion to help our clients reach their customers by working closely with each brand to create customized solutions that produces unparalleled results. If you're interested in learning how your business can benefit from a bespoke Chinese marketing and advertising strategy, fill out the form below.