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WeChat app on a iPhone screen.

Marketing your business on WeChat is one of the most effective ways for businesses to effectively communicate with their Chinese-speaking audience, build brand loyalty, increase readership and convert potential clients into active customers. WeChat boasts over 1 billion monthly active users, making it the largest community of users and consumers in Asia.


The WeChat app opening image of boy looking at the world.

WeChat Strategy

Leverage WeChat's marketing platform and use it to grow your business by communicating with your audience, sell products, offer promotions, and much more.

Setting up a WeChat Subscription, Service or Enterprise account.

Account Setup

Choose which type of WeChat account makes most sense:
• Subscription accounts 
• Service accounts
• Enterprise accounts

The backend platform of an official WeChat Business Account.

Account Management

Reach the right audiences and keep them fully engaged by following best practices for WeChat Official Account marketing.

Planning a WeChat content calendar.

Content Creation

Create quality content that your fans wants to read and engage with, maximizing discoverability to your WeChat account through online and offline strategies.

The WeChat backend stats showing men and women percentage breakdown.

WeChat Advertising

Execute Chinese language WeChat advertising campaigns that capture the attention of Chinese consumers driving online and/or offline traffic and sales.

No other social media platform connects better with Chinese audiences than WeChat. An Official WeChat Account provides businesses with the perfect medium to market their products and services to target audiences, where Chinese consumers spend most of their time online.

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