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微信拥有超过10 亿月活跃用户,是亚洲最大的用户和消费者社区。微信公众号为企业提供了一个理想的平台,可以有效地与受众沟通、建立品牌忠诚度、增加读者群并将潜在客户转化为活跃客户。



KOL Campaign Planning

We create a tailored influencer marketing campaign for your brand, considering elements like target audience, budget, and business objectives.


Choosing the Right KOL

Our extensive database of Chinese influencers ensures that we can find the ideal KOL for your brand, no matter how niche or broad your target audience is.


Content Creation

Collaborate with key opinion leaders to develop a customized content strategy that effectively showcases your brand in a favorable and impactful manner.


Relationship Management

We ensure smooth communication with influencers and keep them informed of marketing campaign updates while keeping you updated on their feedback.


Analysis & Reporting

Ongoing, in-depth analysis and reporting by tracking campaign progress, measuring engagement, and conducting detailed analytics with actionable real-time reports.

这款功能强大的应用程序拥有超过 3 亿用户,其中月活跃用户超过 2 亿,将线下的购物场景搬到了线上,并加入了真实的购买用户的产品评论,是年轻人的生活方式平台,也可以了解时尚搭配技巧发现优质品牌的好地方。

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